Arcobaleno (rainbow)

Arcobaleno is the Italian word for rainbow. In biblical account following the aftermath of the flood,this signifies the covenant God made with Noah and mankind in general never to destroy the earth again by water. The covenant with Noah is a covenant with “all flesh,” and it centers on a change in God's heart (Genesis 8:21). From this point onwards, God has determined God self for patience with, and faithfulness to, everything living – a covenant whose scope is unimaginable, taking in as it does not only “all generations” of humanity but the vast numbers of living creatures. The rainbow, the very first sign God makes, is established to remind God of this covenant (Genesis 9:15). God declares how it is to be read by other readers – as a sign for God of God’s own faithfulness to “every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.” God is, in this story, a reader of signs who draws others into the process of reading.

It’s a sign of care and commitment made by our God to us his children.The rainbow is a nongovernmental religious charity organization made up of groups of believers who maintain that man is made in God’s image and as God cares for His children, so man has the duty to care for others through love.

About Us: We are based in Sardinia, an island in Italy. One of the biggest tourist sites in Europe, tourism constitutes the main income generating activity of the island besides sheep rearing and agriculture. Our organization was founded by Claudio Ponte, a devout man of God in the island. While he was in prison for various addictions including alcohol and drugs,serving a jail term of four years that ended after three months, he was on his knees praying and asking for a sign of God’s love and care. In the morning the Lord showed him a sign of rainbow which he saw through the window of his prison room.

He was later released after three months in prison, on the grounds that he would go for an immediate session of detoxification. In the course of this he met the Lord Jesus Christ through a Christian in the same vicinity. What was not a coincidence was the fact that this Christian preacher gave Claudio a surprise gift of a well-framed rainbow picture exactly like the one he saw while in prison. Needless to say, it was a confirmation of what the Lord showed him in prison. As if this was not enough,the Lord gave him another vision of people queuing into a house which was nearer a swimming pool with other people in the pool. When those in the queue came out of the house they removed their dresses and joined those in the pool to swim as well. All these people seem happier. Claudio understood that the Lord wants to change the lives of human beings both physically and spiritually.

The above incidence was the begriming of a divine mission entrusted to His servant Claudio Ponte through the various encounters.He began by receiving assistance from his wife Silvanna Puggioni, who accepted to share their apartment in the Orosei neighborhood with all the homeless people they came across in the island. Today he is supported by a group of volunteer Christians who share the same vision and who believe that the way to continue the work of our Lord Jesus Christ is to live for others through selfless service.

Ponte Claudio
Via Alto Adige 14
08028 OROSEI (NU)